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    Jiangsu Golden Material Technology Co., Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiaryof Hongda Xingye Share Holding Corporations Ltd (Stock Abbreviation: HongdaXingye, Stock Code: 002002). It is located in Yangzhou Eastern Suburb HangjiIndustrial Park, which is a large PVC packing materials manufacturer in China.The company possesses more than 20 high-tech automatic assemblylines introduced from outstanding companies like Germany and Italy. Itsproduction capacity achieves 80 thousand tons per year and its main product .....

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    • Hotline:4008280818
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    Hotline: 4008280818  Fax: 0514-89883888  E-mail: js-jckj@163.com  Add: Shuguang Road HangJi Town,GuangLing District,Yangzhou City,Jiangsu
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